08 May 2009

Crayons Cure Jihadism!

ABC's Jake Tapper (the same correspondent that reported on the latest development in the Pelosi-waterboarding scandal), reports that the Obamanation finally has a solution about what to do with the Gitmo detainees.
This morning in Riyadh, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he spoke to Saudi Assistant Minister of the Interior Muhammed bin Nayaf about sending the roughly 100 Yemeni detainees currently in the detainee center at Guantanamo Bay to Saudi Arabia to the Saudi government's rehabilitation program for jihadis.
How wonderful! These poor, misguided, terrorists can now attend the equivalent of a drug rehab program and be back on the streets after completing 12 easy steps that include psychological counseling, art therapy, sports and lessons in Islam.

So how carefully was this plan thought through by the Obamanation? About as carefully as it has vetted Obama's cabinet nominees.
Asked if, once through the program, the Yemenis would remain in Saudi Arabia and be monitored by Saudi authorities, Gates said, "I think that's further down the road than we went. It really was about getting them into the program, not getting them out."
I know what you are thinking at this point: what could possibly go wrong here? But before your unadulterated elation carries you away into a blissful state of nirvana, consider this: eleven out of the 85 most wanted terrorists in Saudi Arabia were former Gitmo detainees that went through this rehab program.

Check out this short documentary conducted by PBS on the rehab program. And yes, the reporter actually says, "Men who once set out to fight the infidel are now working out their problems with paper and crayons." Yup. This plan is definitely foolproof.

Also note that one of the "former" terrorists who's encouraged to abandon IEDs for crayons was responsible for murdering 12 civilians in Iraq in a failed suicide attack (he survived after being thrown from the fuel truck he blew up). Asked by the PBS reporter what it's like to have their deaths on his conscience, the terrorist replied, "It wasn't my fault. It's the fault of the people who planned the plot."

You betcha. I definitely feel safer knowing he's given up his Kalashnikovs for crayons.

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