16 July 2009

Hondurans Resist Communism....and Obama!

As you may or may not know, Honduras is a country very dear to me. I lived there for a couple of years, and by lived there, I mean lived amongst the people, not with the rich expats. I have lived in poor, rural areas like Nacaome and Orocuina, in middle-class areas like Danli, and both poor and wealthy areas in urban Tegucigalpa. Hondurans are passionate about two things: fĂștbol (especially Olimpia and Motagua), and Honduras itself. They value their independence, and in spite of their obvious economic struggles, pride themselves on their heritage. Now they are showing their commitment to uphold and support their constitution, in spite of efforts of the socialist/communist regimes (Chavez, Castro, Obama), by ousting would-be-dictator-for-life "Mel" Zelaya. The MSM has attempted to portray the uprising as unconstitutional and unpopluar, and largely a movement by the power-hungry military. But as you can see from the video below, this political move is not only constitutional, it is widely supported by the public in all parts of Honduras.

NOTE: The first few scenes showing violent protests are accompanied by captions stating that "These are not Hondurans." The peaceful protests are then promoted as the demonstrations of true Hondurans.

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