24 March 2010

Yes, My Dear Jimmie, Sadly We Do.

Via Critical Bias:

Yeah, the billboard is real. And you laughed when you saw it. You know exactly why you laughed. Lord knows we need a good laugh after the theft of our liberty today.

If you happen to be one of those that ‘don’t get it’, well, nothing can be written to explain it to you.

Obviously this billboard was put into motion quite some time ago. It is just coincidence that this morning President Barack Obama signed into law his healthcare ‘reform’ when we received word our billboard went up. It almost seems poetic.

Originally, we had 2 articles planned that were tied to this billboard (found here and here). Due to this weekend’s vote, and today’s signing of the ‘reform’ bill into law, it seemed appropriate for us to write a few words…

As funny as the billboard may be, anger seems to be the most expressive of late.

Think about what this ‘healthcare’ law means. The government is regulating ‘men’ as commerce. Let it sink in- the only time in our history where human beings were treated as commerce was prior to the Civil War– when slavery was legal.

Now some pundits and politicians will argue the new law does not regulate men as commerce. ‘Semantics’ and ‘Effect’ are completely different; they have nothing in common. When you are forced to be a consumer because you were born; When you are mandated by Government to engage in specific commerce solely because you are a living creature, with punishment handed out for non-compliance, you are being controlled. If there is a master dictating you will buy a GM, and punishment comes if you do not buy a GM, that is servitude.

While the government does not own us, like people did slaves, there is no doubt we are required to engage in commerce (purchase of healthcare insurance) as a requisite to existence. Not slavery, but absent a better word or term, we’ll call it 21st-century slavery.
'Nuf said.

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