17 May 2010

There is No Radical Islam

Nothing to see here, folks. No such thing as radical Islam. Just keep on moving.


  1. Awesome. I'll let all the PhD holding bloggers who've spent the past decade learning and studying about radical Islam know that they've been wasting their time. Alan Colmes and his deep insight will set them straight.

  2. in reality, radical islam means nthing , i am a muslimm and i know what my religion stands for and just cx some retards have decided to take up islam as an excuse to carry out retarded acts doesnt mean that it gives anyone the right to go and blame muslims or their religion in general. this shoes how ignorant we are about people around us, their culture, their religions etc and we call ourselves human we are nowhere near...their is no 'extreme form of islam' islam is what it is, infact one of the basic principals we have been taught is to keep balance bw everything, and never to go to the extremes, these terrorists, whoever they are are by no mean followers of islam, hell they are nothing cx i believe tht no religion teaches you to murder