27 March 2009

Washington Says Obama's Insane

Thomas Jefferson recounted a conversation he had with President George Washington in August 1793. Jefferson expressed concerns over some elements in government that were pushing for more monarchical-type powers. Washington responded, saying that "the Constitution we have is an excellent one, if we can keep it where it is." Jefferson responded by saying,
There does not pass a week, in which we cannot prove declarations dropping from the monarchical party [the branch of the administration pushing for a central government with massive powers and saying] that our government is good for nothing, is a milk and water thing which cannot support itself, we must knock it down, and set up something of more energy.
President Washington replied that if any were guilty of such nonsense, it would be "proof of their insanity."

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  1. Oh the founding fathers were just a bunch of rich, old, privileged good ol' boys. What do THEY know?