23 February 2010

It must be a sign...

Two posts in one day. Now thats sumptin.

While I'm as excited as the last person to hear that Bub was able to escape from that Turkish prison and get away from all those "enhanced interrogation techniques" (those are Bub's actual legs), I have something else I wanted to talk about.

I have a new favorite blog.

Many of you may be taken aback that it isn't this very blog right here, but I promise Bub Politique will always be right up close to the tippy-top of my fav's list no matter what.

The blog that has pretty much taken up every empty hour at work (that's most of them...) is written by Michael Yon at www.michaelyon-online.com. Simply put, it offers the most powerful commentary and news about Iraq and Afghanistan that I have ever seen.

You see, Michael doesn't actually write for any of the "Major" news outlets like CNN, ABC, the Times, Fox News, etc. He does what he does with his own money and from donations from his readership. That alone should be enough to pique your interest in that if the guy really sucks then obviously no one is going to donate to his work and he'll find himself in a tough situation with no money in the middle of Afghanistan.

He is also quite famous. Not in a Brad Pitt or Britney Spears kind of way but rather the kind that strikes right to your emotional core. This picture (I have only linked to it for copyright reasons though Michael gives free use of all his images for the general public) is quite well known and was a Time Magazine picture of the year. Reading the story behind the photo will unleash a hatred of the insurgency that only a parent could know (having just reached this milestone in my life I am doubly rocked by the compassion shown as well as the newly-found instinct of paternal protection that now courses through my veins).

I believe that I could quite honestly go on about post after post after post of his "dispatches" from the front lines. And I do mean the "front lines." While many journalists who embed with the military tend to watch from afar without getting in the thick of battle, Michael instead chooses to stay with the troops to see what their fight is really like. These men and women treat him as an equal. That's a powerful indicator of what this guy is like (it should be pointed out that he was a Green Beret earlier in his life and this doesn't exactly hurt his level of credibility with those whom he interacts). But instead of searching for the "big scoop" to send back to his editor in time for printing, he seeks to really understand how the war is being won, or lost, and what is truly going on among the allied forces in these countries.

I invite anyone reading this blog to check him out and read some of his work. He is currently in Afghanistan and is fighting, in his own way, alongside the men and women of this country and those who support our cause against the filth who seek to destroy our way of life. Read as he shows you the utter hypocrisy of how these "insurgents" live their lives while killing innocent men, women and children for their cause of "jihad." You will not be disappointed and you will be amazed at how much the mainstream media misleads the world while they report their "stories."

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