22 February 2010

World Trade Center Disaster

Well folks, I know it's been several months since my last post, and a couple since Lak last posted. I've been trying to think of a topic worthy of marking my grand re-entrance into cyber-ranting. But so much has been going on since my escape from the Turkish prison that I was being held captive at for the last three years, that I've decided to just pick up where I left off; just passing on news and an occasional opinion or two. So for now, enjoy this video via Steven Crowder. I had almost completely forgotten about this debacle during my months of solitary confinement, cut off from the outside world. But Steven does a great job of reminding us just how efficient government can be. Gee, why wouldn't we want them taking over the auto industry, health care, and every other aspect of our lives? Bon appetit.

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