23 February 2009

Su casa no es mi casa

How about bus driver Minta Garcia? Upside down in her $800,000 mortgage (house is now valued at $675,000), she wants the rest of America to help her pay her mortgage. Lady, your $800,000 problem is NOT my problem. Here's the clip, in typical CNN sob-story fashion:

So just to recap:
ACOSTA: Like countless other Americans, Garcia admits she and her husband bought more house than they could afford, but she says the lender made the purchase all too easy. Now her mortgage is worth more than her house. [emphasis added]
Countless? How about the 93% of owners/renters who are NOT delinquent?

And did you get that folks? "Yeah, we screwed up, but it was the bank's fault for letting us." That's the kind of responsibility that President Hussein preaches. Everyone's responsible but me.

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