30 June 2009

Shifting Polls

Rasmussem Reports has some interesting polls available today:

The presidential approval index has been steadily falling over the last couple of months, and is now at a -2 (more people strongly disapprove than strongly approve).

69% of Americans think that the stimulus has either hurt or not helped the economy.

74% trust their own judgment more than Congress' when it comes to economic issues. (Gee, you don't think the Crap & Tax bill had anything to do with that, do you?

Only 37% believe the country is headed in the right direction.

76% think that the government is likely to waste stimulus money. And yet we're looking at another stimulus package looming on the horizon.

So, will all this public "discontent" actually translate into something substantive? If history is any indication, the answer will be no. The 2010 congressional elections will see the same corrupt politicians (republican and democrat alike) weasel their way back into office. Will Americans care enough to be informed and vote for a candidate who actually represents them? We'll just have to wait and see. I still have a small amount of faith in the American spirit, but that diminishes with each election cycle.

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