26 June 2009

What if Government Ran Health Care?

You know those clever Sprint/Nextel/Whateverthey'recallednow commercials? Reason TV has produced one of their own. Enjoy.

h/t: HA

UPDATE: Here's another video courtesy of Reason TV.


  1. Scotts company went to the high deductible health care, and they reimburse us for any out of pocket until we get to that $. It's a smart idea. I see one Dr. once a year, maybe a second depending...but by forcing people to pay that first hit would make them reconsider their hypochondriac ways, free up the waiting rooms, and make way more $en$e. But the "give it to me for free" mentality is ruining everything this country was built on!

  2. I absolutely agree, and I think that health care does need to be reformed, but this is NOT the way to do it. If the government starts offering "free" (read: paid for by those of us who actually work) health care, you can bank on those waiting rooms overflowing with people with hypochondria, or emergency rooms backed up because of stubbed toes. Just ask the UK how their social welfare state is working out for them.