16 April 2009

Tea Party Smear

Hundreds of thousands of people turned out at tax day tea parties in 800 cities across America yesterday to protest anything from the increased taxes to big federal government. So how much coverage to the rallies get from the mainstream media? (That was a rhetorical question, and you don't actually have to answer it). It is truly inspiring to see such a grass roots (no, Pelosi, not astroturf...that would your man Axelrod) movement, all propelled by Americans who are concerned about the direction this country is going. So it is especially revolting to see how the MSM is covering it...when they decide to cover it at all (that's for you, NY Times). Michelle Malkin levels Pelosi in this video, as well as Susan Roesgen for her openly contemptuous coverage of the tea parties. WARNING: You may want to grab your air sickness bag before viewing this.

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